Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A slight delay but good news...

I got a call from My Site Supervisor on Monday who advised that unfortunately we wouldn't be having our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) This week like he hoped but it would be delayed until the week before Easter which means we are still about four weeks away from moving in and not the three that I was hoping for. We have been delayed because on a tiny issue to do with the tiles and plumbing in the En-suite shower which took an extra week to fix which has help up the other trades. I'm a tiny bit disappointed as I was hoping to move in over Easter but now it looks like our moving date will most likely happen the weekend after.

On the positive side all the finishing touches are being put on the house with all the plumbing, electric, SPLASH BACK, pantry/wardrobe shelving and garage door now put in as well as the all important pre-wireing for our surround sound system in the home theatre!

There's not much more to do now, just the carpet and little bits here and there which hopefully will be done quickly so there are no more delays. Cross your fingers for us that our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) is before Easter!

Front of the house with our garage door

 Huge shelves in the Pantry

 Door Handles!!!!

Splashback, Sink, tap and lights

 Kitchen again
 En-suite shower

 Yay toilet!

 En-suite sink and taps


  1. Fingers Crossed for a quick handover.
    Please continue the photos after the move

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