Monday, 16 April 2012

Practical Completion Inspection...

We had our Practical Completion Inspection on Friday. Unfortunately Pete was unable to get the afternoon off so I went to the house without him and did the inspection with our Site Supervisor. There were a lot of paint touch ups and a few minor things with the only major issue being that the Laundry bench top is still an outstanding problem which is a bit of a worry but that is all we are really waiting on now. Hopefully this doesn't delay our move.

So many tabs

More tabs

 Laundry Bench :(

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mirrors, shower screen and fly screen...

Now that the house is so close to being officially finished there are only very minor things to be done. Our mirrors in the bathroom and en suite have been fitter along with the shower screens in both rooms, the front door has finally been painted and the fly screens to the windows and doors have been fitted.
It looks like the fly screen has been forgotten on the double glass sliding door that leads out to the outdoor area but our SS is ordering them and they will most likely be fitted after handover.

We are having a bit of an issue with the laundry sink. Unfortunately the tape doesn't work with the sink so a new sink needed to be fitted. The wrong sink was delivered so a second, bigger sink was delivered. This also didn't fit so the hole in the bench top was cut bigger... To much bigger... so now a whole new bench top has been ordered. Hopefully it can be fixed quickly as the last thing we want is for our settlement to be held up because of a tiny thing like the Laundry sink!

 Wrong sink

 Shower screen


Front door

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Render, Carpet and lights...

The house is now only a couple of weeks away from being ready and is looking great. The carpets have been done and the front render has finally been finished. over the next week the last clean will be done, mirrors and shower screens will be fitted and the final paint touch up will be completed. With a bit of luck everything will go smoothly over the last few weeks and we will be able to move in on settlement day which is still on schedule for the 19th.

We headed to Beacon lighting on Saturday and pick up all of our lights that we purchased on boxing day, luckily we still like them all... although we have had to do a little bit of a reshuffle as one of the light fittings isn't where we thought it was going to be, we have been able to make it work.

 Black render to the front of the house

 Carpet in Master bedroom

 Carpet in rumpus room


 Drum light for rumpus room

 Light fitting for bedrooms and misc lights

 Light for TV room

 Light for Master Bedroom 

Three of these will hand over the island bench in the kitchen

Monday, 26 March 2012

We have a date...

Well we officially have a PCI (Final inspection) date of the 12th of April with a scheduled handover date of the 19th of April!!

We went up to the house on Sunday but there wasn't really much that had changed. A few more little things had been cleaned up and fixed but nothing significant. This week our Carpet is going in as well as the mirrors.

One thing I did notice which I hadn't before is there isn't actually a tap in the laundry.. There's taps for our washing machine and a sink but there's no tap going into the sink... Of course this could just be something that is still to be done but I still need to just double check on our plans to make sure there is actually meant to be one there...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A slight delay but good news...

I got a call from My Site Supervisor on Monday who advised that unfortunately we wouldn't be having our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) This week like he hoped but it would be delayed until the week before Easter which means we are still about four weeks away from moving in and not the three that I was hoping for. We have been delayed because on a tiny issue to do with the tiles and plumbing in the En-suite shower which took an extra week to fix which has help up the other trades. I'm a tiny bit disappointed as I was hoping to move in over Easter but now it looks like our moving date will most likely happen the weekend after.

On the positive side all the finishing touches are being put on the house with all the plumbing, electric, SPLASH BACK, pantry/wardrobe shelving and garage door now put in as well as the all important pre-wireing for our surround sound system in the home theatre!

There's not much more to do now, just the carpet and little bits here and there which hopefully will be done quickly so there are no more delays. Cross your fingers for us that our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) is before Easter!

Front of the house with our garage door

 Huge shelves in the Pantry

 Door Handles!!!!

Splashback, Sink, tap and lights

 Kitchen again
 En-suite shower

 Yay toilet!

 En-suite sink and taps

Monday, 12 March 2012


I managed to find time to sneak up to the house thanks to the public holiday and found that all the tiles had been laid. It looks like there is only a tiny bit more work to be done cleaning up the grout and doing a few more finishing touches. So now onto the photos...

 Left over tiles

 Tiles in kitchen

Our Ensuit shower 

 Feature tiles and nook

Bathroom tiles

Living area taken from front door

Ensuit again

Front door and study

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Painting and tiles..

Everything on Friday at our site meeting went really well. It was great to meet our Site Supervisor, he is on top of everything with our house and it's obvious that he is completely in control of our build.
He said that our house should only take another 4 - 5 weeks to be finished and we will have the keys in our hands.

As well as meeting with our Supervisor we also took a quick look through the house. All the ceilings, cornices, internal doors and architraves have been painted. The cut in for the internal walls has been done, the front fa├žade has finally been painted (Although the render hasn't been painted) and the external painting has been done. All of our cabinets and bench tops are also wrapped in plastic to protect them from the painting.

Not only have the painters been busy, but the water proofing had been done in the bathroom ready for the tilers to start and the tiles have been delivered! Not long to go now!!!

 Facade painted

 Kitchen all wrapped for the painting

 Painted living area

 Tiles delivered


Bathroom tiles

 Shower water proofing