Thursday, 15 December 2011

Stupid bank dumb dumbs...

Seriously are bank staff stupid or is it just the ones I deal with?  We authorised payment for our frame stage on the 1st of December... On the 12th I get an email from PD asking when they can expect payment so I call the bank to find out what's going on.

The bank have decided that they will only pay up to a certain point ad then we need to use the FHOG to cover the rest.  I said that's fine can you please just make the payment. The guy on the phone says "No, you need to send a payment request for the exact amount we will pay and then you need to pay the rest" I explained that I didn't have the FHOG and he said that it was bank policy to just give us the money and we can do what we want with it...  So rather then contact me by email/phone/mail the bank just waited for me to call to find out what was wrong..

Thankfully PD gets this all the time and the Accounts Woman is absolutely lovely (she puts smily faces in her emails!!) so it's not going to hold up my build but still.  Stupid bloody ANZ and their dumdum staff are making me cross >:( 

Oh and I also need to call the State Revenue Office and find out when exactly they are going to give us our FHOG.. *sigh* I thought all the paper work was over :(

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