Saturday, 21 January 2012

SO much work!!!

This weekend was going to be the first chance Peter and I have had to go and see the house since Christmas. We were going to wait until Saturday morning to go but decided on the way home from work that we couldn’t wait and went Friday night instead.. Just a little bit excited.
So much has changed and so much work has been done in the short time the tradies have been back after the Christmas break.

We now have bricks halfway up most of the exterior walls, insulation, plaster inside, the heating/cooling system has been fitter and a dew other minor changes...

Enjoy the incoming photo spam! :D

Front of the house

  Side of the house with brick ready to be laid on Monday

 Garage (It was getting dark by now)


 Pantry - All plastered!

 Front door and entrance/hallway

 Study cut-out and a bit of the entrance

 Pantry, Study & Entrance

Our shower and nook
Looking back through the living area from the study 

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