Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mirrors, shower screen and fly screen...

Now that the house is so close to being officially finished there are only very minor things to be done. Our mirrors in the bathroom and en suite have been fitter along with the shower screens in both rooms, the front door has finally been painted and the fly screens to the windows and doors have been fitted.
It looks like the fly screen has been forgotten on the double glass sliding door that leads out to the outdoor area but our SS is ordering them and they will most likely be fitted after handover.

We are having a bit of an issue with the laundry sink. Unfortunately the tape doesn't work with the sink so a new sink needed to be fitted. The wrong sink was delivered so a second, bigger sink was delivered. This also didn't fit so the hole in the bench top was cut bigger... To much bigger... so now a whole new bench top has been ordered. Hopefully it can be fixed quickly as the last thing we want is for our settlement to be held up because of a tiny thing like the Laundry sink!

 Wrong sink

 Shower screen


Front door

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