Thursday, 5 April 2012

Render, Carpet and lights...

The house is now only a couple of weeks away from being ready and is looking great. The carpets have been done and the front render has finally been finished. over the next week the last clean will be done, mirrors and shower screens will be fitted and the final paint touch up will be completed. With a bit of luck everything will go smoothly over the last few weeks and we will be able to move in on settlement day which is still on schedule for the 19th.

We headed to Beacon lighting on Saturday and pick up all of our lights that we purchased on boxing day, luckily we still like them all... although we have had to do a little bit of a reshuffle as one of the light fittings isn't where we thought it was going to be, we have been able to make it work.

 Black render to the front of the house

 Carpet in Master bedroom

 Carpet in rumpus room


 Drum light for rumpus room

 Light fitting for bedrooms and misc lights

 Light for TV room

 Light for Master Bedroom 

Three of these will hand over the island bench in the kitchen

1 comment:

  1. Looking good.

    Just a word of advice, get new carpet in as soon as you can afford it. We went that carpet in the house we are in now and regretted is so much. It is useless. Leave anything on it for 10 minutes and indents forever, using a study chair on wheels = disaster even with a protecting plastic mat! Also, if you get a cat their claws will hook on it!

    Apart fromt hat, good luck with the last weeks of your build :)