Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Appointments and Settlement...

Tile Selection
Unfortunately due to car issues we had to reschedule our tile appointment from last tuesday to tomorrow which means that Pete is unable to get the time off work. We went to the The Tile People (Yes that is the actual name of the company, their website is HERE ) on Saturday to pick everything together so that I can go tomorrow by myself and know exactly what we both are after.I just remember to take plenty of photos to show Peter just in case I have to pick something that we didn't think of on Saturday!

Colour Selection
Colour selection is going to take almost a whole day with the rest of he day given over to electrical selection.. or more like which light goes where and exactly how many power points do we need in the theater room? So I'm really looking forward to that...

Our last appointment will be our contract appointment where we find out the final cost to build our home, agree to it and sign our contract to start building. We will also be required to pay another 5% of the total cost of our build to get the ball rolling.

Our land settles in two more sleeps. On 9/9/2011 we will officially be land owners. The is a small chance that it could be delayed until 13/9/2011 if something goes wrong at the bank but so far it looks like everything is on track for our Friday settlement. If everything does go to plan it will be drinks on us on Friday night!

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