Saturday, 17 September 2011

Contract Signing...

We had our contract signing appointment at the Porter Davis Northern office in Bundoora on Friday afternoon. We met with our Customer Service Co-ordinator who went over all the important points in our contract as well as covering all of the other information that needed to be signed off on by us.

During the appointment we covered:

The Porter Davis contract
  • Promotional items
  • Upgrades and variations and plans to demonstrate these items
  • Porter Davis terms and conditions
  • Specifications
  • 6 star energy report
  • Soil report
  • Insurance details

The HIA New Homes Contract:
  • All the legal obligations of each of the parties to the contract (ie Porter Davis & the Client)
  • The terms and conditions to allow construction of a house in an efficient and orderly fashion

Once everything had been covered we needed to clarify a few points as well as check a couple of things that we thought were included in our original sales quote that we hadn't covered. At the end of it all we included a couple more cost to our build which were:

  • Fly screens to all opening windows and Doors - $4500
  • 6 Extra Down lights to living area -$900

Once we were satisfied we signed all the documents and paid a 5% deposit. Our Customer Service Co-ordinator will now need to send a copy of our signed contract off to our broker to get our Constructions Loan approved and then we will finally be done with all the admin side of our home and we can get ready for the construction fun!

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  1. Love your selections :-)
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