Thursday, 1 September 2011

Oh the stress, Oh the stress of it all...

A couple of weeks ago everything almost fell apart with our finances for our block of land. Our lender valued the block at $15,000 less then what we paid for it, a day out from when our contract was no longer subject to finance.. We were a bit stuck (replace the "st' with 'f' and add a 'ed' to the end to get a more accurate description to how I felt), with only a few hours to either come up with the difference or figure something else out.

Luckily for us our Broker is amazing and came up with a plan. Fast forward twelve days and we have our loan, we are eight days away from signing our settlement on our land and are on track to start building in September.

We have all our selection appointments in the next 2 weeks before our final contract appointment with Porter Davis on the 16th... Colours, tiles, electrics... It goes on and on but in the end we will have a house we are excited about and a place to call our own! 

Now just to try to work our if Pete and I can agree on the colour of the splash back...   

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  1. Hey cat this is great to read! Don't forget to mention who your mortgage broker is!